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F-o-Y: Evolution and Scale of the Drakar by Dia-Dark F-o-Y: Evolution and Scale of the Drakar by Dia-Dark
Chart of Evolutionof the Drakär race:

-The Drakärs, claim Muspelheim as native since their birth by the teeth of Nidhogg. A race of smart and strong beings, confused about their purpose on the universe, the Drakär must go on a journey after their birth, in order to make amends for the deeds of their creator, mastering their "gift". Born with very particular features, the Drakär resemble normal humans with just the eyes of a dragon...that the beginning of their journey. As time goes by and as they master the power of turning into dragons, scales start to grow on their cheek and horns start to point out. Physical proof that as their life go, they reunite in a way with the giant dragon that created them all.

They passes throught 3 level as their enlightment goes:

-Lærling, or "the Aprentice" is the first draconic form. similar to a youngling no matter the age of the drakär.
On the humanoid form, it is only represented as reptilian, or draconic eyes matching the form.

-Tilhenger, or "the Adept" is the second draconic form.
fitting teh description of the regular dragons encountered in the tales and texts of the old times, the form of the Adept can easly pass for the "adult" form of the Lærling.
On the humanoid form, scales and horns start to appear over the face and head of the drakär showing his true nature starting to be mastered.

-Eldre, or "the Elder" is the last and higher form of distinction of the simple drakär known.
ressembling to the adept form reaching colossal and epic proportions, showing its full enlightment and connection with Nidhogg.
On the humanoid forms the features of the draconic form appears all over the body of the Drakär, like his forearms or his legs.

It is important to understand that the chart only present the drakar and gragons above as a simple example of th evolution of the race, and musn't limit the creation and originality of potential original characters
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Seriously though, fascinating bit of fluff there
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